Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Some more house pictures...

Our living room...

Our dining room...

Fischer's "nook" in the loft...

Our new baby's "nook" in the loft...

My reading "nook" in the loft. I cannot wait for my mom to come and read to Fischer after I have our new baby. I hope you enjoy these pictures mom, and I cannot wait to see you and Meagan!
PS I hope everyone else enjoys them too...:)

Our guest room is ready...

The hall way leading to the bathroom...

The "fall" bathroom for our guests to enjoy...

Summer days and our first overnight guests...

This is in reverse order, but I am too lazy to fix it! :) On Saturday night Aaron, Candy and Amelia came to stay the night. They were our first overnight guests. We sure had fun. Fischer and Amelia play really well together, and it was fun for all of the parents to just watch them interact. Aaron and Candy brought tons of REALLY good food, so the parents enjoyed chatting and eating lots of ice cream cake.
Then the workers came to stay with us on Monday night. Sandy and Stephanie were are workers when we were working so hard to finish the house. It was wonderful to have them stay in it finally!

Sandy and Stephanie before they had to leave.

Fischer and Amelia chasing a ball at East Fork.

Fischer and Amelia spotted a buzzing fly! It was very fascinating.

They enjoyed reading together before meeting.

Fischer loves to look out our front window.

Fischer enjoying a ride from Amelia.

Fischer's first bath in our utility sink.

Fischer and Amelia "chatting." They loved to sit on the ledge in front of our fire place and just visit.

Amelia doing Fischer's hair. She loved to play with his hair.

Too much sun screen can cause this hair style...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Haying memories...

For the past couple of days, Fish and I have been the hay crew cooks. Tonight we had everything ready to take out to the field, and then it poured rain. Fischer enjoyed watching the rain storm safe inside G'pa and G'ma's house.

Fischer loves to play with paint brushes. I think he has watched his mom paint lots. :)

Yummy corn on the cob!

Fischer had to floss his teeth, just like Daddy, after eating his corn.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hand prints and Puppy prints on my window...

Fischer Lee weighs 22 pounds 8 ounces, and he only had to have one shot. We are enjoying just being home today.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sorry for some reason the movies are not working right now!

I guess I will just post them some other time. :)
A few more things I want to remember...
Fischer can point out his nose, eyes, ears, mouth, toes and we are working on his knee. He also loves to blow his nose ALL by himself. If I try to help him that is not acceptable.
Does anyone else have this problem? :) You know, the "I can do it by myself" attitude?!? ha ha ha

Fischer Lee is 18 months...

Look at the BIG boy next to the TALL hay!

Fischer is 18 months, and we can hardly believe it. Yesterday after his nap, he crawled out of bed, walked to the stairs, climbed down the stairs, and walked to the fridge where he informed me that he needed a snack and a drink. He looked so BIG, and was acting so BIG!

He sings Day by Day for grace, and Tell Me the Story of Jesus while snapping his fingers. Sometimes he mixes the two tunes. Whenever he hears music he has to dance by waving his hands around and grinning. He also sits on his knees and bounces around.

He now has seven teeth, which he uses to "chew chew" his food. He still loves food, so much so that we have to watch that he doesn't choke himself.

All of the sudden, he just decided that he was going to walk the week that we were moving into our house! I think he was enjoying all of the extra space too. :)
He has his 18 month check up tomorrow. I am anxious to see how much he weighs, and then I will let everyone know. He has sure come along way from 2 pounds 15 3/4 ounces.
His little brother is now bigger than he was when he was born! I am 33 weeks and counting. Chris and I set up our crib this morning, and I have washed all of the bedding. It will be nice to have the room ready and waiting now that I am approaching my due date.
Hope you enjoy the videos of Fischer Lee!