Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hazen James

7lbs 3 oz 19 1/2" long 8:04 am

Monday, August 20, 2007

I can hardly believe my little boy is 19 months old...

I thought I would blog one last post of JUST Fischer Lee...
Fischerism's (to copy Amy):
"Wheres Daddy?"
"Wheres Mommy?"
"I want some"
"I want down"
"me like it"
"Ba Ba" for Grandpa
"Whats that?"
"Whose that?"
Yah in response to any question...
"I want up", or just UP
He does a funny giggle when you ask him what a horse says...
He says cock-a-doodle when you ask him what a rooster says...
He still moos at the cows...
He has started to laugh out loud when everyone else is laughing...I plan to post a video of it! It doesn't matter if he understands the joke or not. And more often than not, he laughs at the right time so that it makes the joke even funnier!
He still LOVES food. I now just sprinkle some gold fish on his high chair, and then he comes by and grabs some for a quick snack. Did I mention how much he loves gold fish? His Dad loves them too. :)
He loves books and helping Mommy clean! I wonder when that will change?!?
Bathtime is quite exciting...
Oh and sticks, dirt and rocks are fascinating...I cannot take him outside enough these days. Hopefully when baby #2 is here, I will feel a little more energetic (ha ha ha), and we will go exploring some more. :)
Overall, he is a happy, healthy little boy that we love very much! It is somewhat of a shock to think that I will have two little boys in a couple of days. I look forward to meeting our new little one, and I know Fischer will be a wonderful big brother.

Talking on "Ba Ba's" phone...
He always calls Grandpa on the phone...
Did I mention how much he loves phones?

Going for a wagon ride...

Look at how grown up he is...

Reading stories with Aunt Meagan...
This is one of his favorite things to do...

Sunday, August 19, 2007

And then there were four...

Well, it is that time! I can hardly believe that on Wednesday our little family will include a new member. Lately, I have been so busy with company, and preparing for baby that I haven't checked the blogs. My brothers and sister came on my birthday. So that was a celebration. The boys then headed up to hike 64 miles in Yellowstone. Meagan stayed and helped me with Fischer and house work. I sure enjoyed her company and help. I miss her bunches. Then my Dad and brothers stopped by for a quick visit before heading back home.
We also enjoyed having Chuck and Melissa for the night right after Lana's wedding. Aaron and Candy came to stay with us last weekend, and on that Saturday we were joined by Ryan and Tonya for dinner.
Thank you to everyone for your anniversary/birthday wishes. I really appreicate it, and I wasn't purposely ignoring any of you. I just checked my email/blog yesterday after about a two week absence. I also wanted to say Happy Anniversary to Craig and Jocelyn and Happy Happy Birthday to Clayton. I have cards, but who knows when I will mail them. I have big plans to mail them Tuesday, but you know how that goes. :)
Also I wanted thank all of our friends for the well wishes for baby #2. We really appreciate it and look forward to meeting this little guy. We hope everyone can meet him soon too.
We will keep everyone posted.

39 weeks and REALLY ready to have a baby....heee heee

A beautiful rainbow that Chris and I enjoyed seeing yesterday evening out of our front window.

Fischer enjoying a box!

Fischer giving Aunt Meagan's socks a RIDE on his bus.

Fischer helping Mom sweep...lately I have enjoyed all of the help I can get...even from a 1 year old. :)

Who does Fischer look like? Uncle Mike and Uncle James

Fischer is best buddies with our puppy Sissy.

Michael and Chris fishing...

James fishing and enjoying the beautiful view.

Yeah, my family came for a short visit!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A little boy with a stick...WHAT FUN!

36 weeks and counting...

I have never been this far along...

I am SURE ready to just have my baby! :)

Lots of reading and new walking shoes!

Fischer's new sandals. He loves them. He loves shoes in general, and whenever he sees a pair they MUST go on his feet.

Fischer loves books. He has now started to request that we read to him lots and lots! Here is the count so far today...
The Little Noisy Book (Aaron and Candy left this book at our child is obsessed with their book :)): 10
Hippos Go Beserk: 4
Good Night Gorilla: 3
Jamberry: 3