Thursday, January 29, 2009

My first digital scrapbook page!

Going with Dad...

Hazy J was able to go with Dad and big brother in the snowblower today.
How exciting...!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A special, memorable trip!

The night before we left for our trip!

My attempt to take a picture before out flight. LOOK at Hazen's face, and Fischer is not even looking. ha ha ha

The boys loved this musical santa that Grma Wendy had!

Fischer had another birthday at Grpa Randall and Grma Wendy's house!

He loved all of his gifts.

Hazy J also received some gifts!!!

The birthday boy with his birthday glasses.

The boys loved playing with Aunt Meagan. They followed her everywhere when she was home. :)

Grma had lots of fun books. We read everyday, and also bought lots of books at Barnes and Noble. The boys loved the Thomas Train set that was at Barnes and Noble too.

Grpa Randall played ball with the boys.

Fischer's favorite part of the zoo was riding the train around the park.

The boys loved seeing all of the animals at the zoo.

Fischer went on a short motorcycle ride with Grpa Randall.

Hazy had to sit on it too!

We took the boys to the park almost everyday after their nap. They loved it, and there was no snow. They didn't even have to wear jackets!

My attempt to take a picture with the boys smiling sweetly at the camera. ha ha ha

Can you tell Fischer does not want to sit still in this picture?

Grma Wendy helped the boys make a train with her diningroom chairs.

The boys loved dancing while Grpa Randall played the guitar.

Grma also helped them build a tent!

Wrestling with Grpa Randall...

Grpa had to take a break after awhile!!!

Can you tell these guys are related!?!

It was wonderful to see Uncle Michael too.

On our last night Aunt Meagan made the boys a train out of laundry baskets. Then she pulled them all around the house. They loved it!!!