Thursday, May 29, 2008

We are still here!

My internet has been down lately! I am not sure why, but I am too busy right now to fix it. It will just have to wait until this weekend is over. I came over to G'ma Susie's to blog, and then I realized that I had erased all of my pictures off of my camera card after I saved them on my computer at home. These pictures were taken this morning so I had something to blog!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Enjoying Sunny Days outside!

We loved seeing everyone at Alisa's graduation reception. Fischer keeps saying that he wants to see "Wade," "Clayton" and "Braden."

Baby Hazen cuddled with lots of people at the reception. I think the only picture I missed was one of G'ma Joan and Hazy cuddling.
He cuddled with Wade...

He cuddled with Callie...

He cuddled with Michelle...

and he cuddled with Mel...:)

Chris trying to catch a hummingbird. He wasn't able too. :)

Hummingbirds remind me of summer. We have two at our house right now. I put my feeder out yesterday!

I have to explain the pink boots. We woke up early for branding day at Willis and Kathy's house. So we just brought the boys in their pajamas. I packed all of Fischer's clothes, but I forgot to grab his cowboy boots. Luckily, Kathy had some of Orlinda's old snowboots. They were a a little big, but worked great. "Linda" took this picture of Fischer outside. I love it!

Great G'pa Pres and Fish holding hands to snacktime. What a great shot of branding day!

"Linda" also took this picture. :)

Great G'pa Pres carrying Fischer to snacktime. I love this picture, and the mountain looks so pretty in the background.

Fischer riding with G'ma on the lawnmower.

Fischer jumping in the newly mowed grass. I love the smell of it! Does anyone else???

There is nothing like the smell of a freshly mowed yard to remind you of summer. I thought I better capture a picture of Fish with the newly mowed grass all over his shoes. This would be a great scrapbook picture for SUMMER!

We went to visit Daddy a couple of days ago while he was working on the corrals. Fischer decided he better come and sit next to "baby Hazy."

If you click on the picture you can see our guests one evening. These sandhill cranes came walking right through my yard. Fischer spotted them first, and said "What's that Mama?"

Fischer helping Mommy "rake" and "shovel." He loves it, and is great motivation for his mom. Whenever I can't decide whether I want to rake or not, Fish is ALWAYS ready. :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hazen had to join the big boys while they were banging on the back of Scott's truck.

We sure enjoyed seeing Scott, Renee and Chet on Mother's Day. It was great to shop, talk and let the boys play. Chet and Fish played great together, and Hazen loved watching them both. :)

The boys all dressed up for meeting. What a wonderful Mother's Day...

I hope all the mothers out there had a special day.

Chris had fun fishing with G'pa Sundin. He brought these two fish back for G'pa Milt to take home.

Fischer helping Daddy clean fish.

Hazen loved G'ma Joan!

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Holding a frog that Dad found in the pond...
Can you see the ketchup all over his face? He really enjoyed his grilled hamburger too.
He is ALL BOY!
Digging up worms with G'pa ...

Fischer is 2, and very curious about everything. His newest phrases are "No I'm isn't", "Who gave that?", "How come?", and "Because WHY?"

He loves dinosaurs, riding with G'pa George on the 4-wheeler or tractor, and playing "STUCK in the snow/mud again." He has started to sleep in the "big boy bed" at night, and sleeps with three froggie toys.

He loves to give Hazen snacks, and makes sure to break off "little pieces" for him. Lately, he enjoys drinking "surprise milk" (chocolate milk) and eating cheerios and milk with a banana for breakfast. His favorite snacks are goldfish, cheerios, string cheese, and fruit snacks. Throughout the day he will burst into song. His favorites are "Old McDonald" and "Tell me the story of Jesus." He says he is going to sing "number 2 (pause) 8, 9, 10" for a meeting song. Usually "Old McDonald" has a "mouse" and he goes "keek keek keek."

He loves to say names of people. He calls us "Daddy Chris" and "Mommy Katie." He also says "G'pa George (it sounds like Dorge) and "G'ma Susie." Susie always has lots of emphasis on every syllable....SuSie.

We headed over to Willis and Kathy's branding last Saturday. Fischer looked out of the window at Kathy's house and said "Oh my word, it is snowing again!" :) The branding had to be cancelled due to the snow.

The other morning he woke up singing. I asked him what he was singing, and he said "a meeting song." I thought this was a good spritual lesson for me. I love it when my children teach me something about the most important things in life.


Hazen is 8 months old. He says "Da Da" and babbles all the time. He has started to sit up on all fours, but hasn't quite figured out how to crawl forward on all fours. He usually just goes back and forth, and then lays flat on his tummy. He started teething when he was 7 months old, and now has his two bottom teeth. He loves to watch Fischer, and his big brother can do no wrong in his eyes. He loves to cuddle, and is just a fun guy. I couldn't ask for a happier cuddle bug than my Hazy J. However, he does know how to let you know when he doesn't like something or wants something. He has started to screech!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

We went to see the ducks in town last night. Fischer kept saying "cute ducks" and "quack" after that. Hazen was very interested too. He couldn't take his eyes off the ducks when we started to go towards the restaurant. :)

I had a photo shoot with the boys on Sunday. Here is a glimpse of how it went...

I got one Mama!!!

My boys playing the "fishy game."

Dad reading Green Eggs and Ham to the boys...

Our foal...
She is so curious and cute.

Hazen enjoying the Richard Scarry book too.

Monday, May 05, 2008

A perfect day for TWO picnics!

We didn't plan on having a picnic for lunch, but G'pa George helped us decide to have one. He accidently got stuck in the mud with his 4-wheeler. Susie and I had run to a nearby town that morning, and bought some groceries. We didn't have a chance to run home from our trip to town before we met Chris to go and pull G'pa George out. We had fried chicken, a gallon of milk and plastic gloves that we used for cups. You have to do what you can in a pinch! Susie's blog has pictures of our picnic too. :) It was such a beautiful day.

It seems this year we cannot help but be stuck in either the snow or the mud. Now Fischer plays "stuck in the mud again!"

Our dogs enjoyed all of the fried chicken scraps.

Hazen had to take a few bites of fried chicken too. He kept licking his lips after that!

The plastic gloves actually made great "cups" for the milk.

Fischer rode with G'pa on the 4-wheeler after our picnic. He loved it!

We decided to grill outside at our house for dinner yesterday too.
I thought you would enjoy this picture especially Mom. Do you remember when we had to tell Mike and Jim not to beat the fire? We had to tell Fischer several times to stay away from the fire, and to not beat it with a stick.

We found this buffalo horn on our picnic at lunch. Chris and I decided we better put it on our table inside. It is really neat to think that at some point this buffalo crossed our ranch, and either lost his horn or died in the very spot we found his horn. (Do buffalo lose their horns???) A little piece of history...