Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fischer's "Ahhh" before and after a drink! :)

Fischer "mooing"

Lots of Snow!

Today we have over a foot of snow and it is just terrible out. So there is nothing much more to do than blog and post LOTS of videos! So hope you enjoy all of my new videos. I posted a few for all of the little boys that like skidsters so much.
See Susie's blog for a little visual of today! :)

Fischer "reading" :)

For all the little boys who love the skidster!

Riding in the skidster!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Ice Cream, Friends and a Picnic...

Fischer enjoying ice cream with Dad. Yum Yum

Fischer can sit up all by himself! All of our exercises have paid off.

Aaron, Candy and Amelia were here on Sunday. We sure enjoyed having them stay for the afternoon and dinner. Amelia and Fischer loved playing with the musical table I recently bought Fish! Candy and I had so much fun watching them play together. It really is fascinating to watch little kids interact. At one point, Amelia and Fischer each leaned forward to touched their little heads together while playing on opposite sides of the table.
It was also fun to take Aaron, Candy and Amelia out to see the baby calves. The kids enjoyed riding in the front with Aaron and Chris! It gave Candy and I more time to chat in the backseat. However, our husbands were not too impressed with our chatting ability because they were trying to listen to a basketball game. :)

Fischer and I enjoying our first picnic this year!

Our guests for the picnic...Sandy, Shauna, and Sandy's mom. George and Susie came too. It was a beautiful day, and it was special to share our first picnic of the year with such wonderful guests.

I met up with my dear friend Jen this afternoon, and we enjoyed going to a few shops together and having dinner. It was sure nice to see her!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hope You Have a Happy Rest of the Week!

Happy Birthday Monte! I'm not sure what you are doing in this picture...hitch hiking?!? ha ha
It was sure nice to see you on Saturday. :)
Fischer was all dressed up in green for St. Patty's Day.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Life on the Ranch!

Fischer went for his first ride with Daddy yesterday. Chris had to rope the baby calves to tag them and give them a shot. Fischer and I rode with G'pa George in the truck to help Chris write down their numbers, and carry all of the supplies. So after all of the calves were tagged, Fischer went for a short ride with Dad back to the barn.

Fischer helping G'pa George drive.

Fischer sat on his first calf yesterday. I have a feeling he will be doing lots of this once he is bigger, and branding rolls around. But today it was only to pet the baby calf. He has started "mooing" at every cow/calf he sees. So these days he is "mooing" alot!

Fischer went for his first skidster ride to help Daddy clean the sheds yesterday too. He had lots of "firsts" yesterday!!!

We made a flying trip to pick up our countertops on Wednesday. I am also enjoying using my new washer and dryer in the house. I am WASHING everything! I never thought I would have so much fun doing laundry. ha ha ha

Fischer has started pulling up on everything. He really likes to pull up on the piano bench and play the piano.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Great Friends and lots of fun memories!

Wade wanted me to be sure and take a picture of Fischer with his hat on!

Callie holding Fischer. Wade, Callie and Amy all wanted to hold Fischer. He sure enjoyed all of the attention this weekend. Callie also helped me keep all of his sippee cups full of water.

Amy is sure adorable...isn't she?!?

Wade and Callie read lots of books to Fischer. It was sure neat to peek out in the livingroom and see how much all of the kids were enjoying listening/reading the books. The kids also enjoyed it when Chris read them stories.

Amy and Fischer playing in the best "toy" ever. A BIG BOX! Wade and Callie also helped out in the house by sweeping. It was sure thoughtful of them!

Wade wanted to hold Fish the minute he saw him.
Thanks Justin, Mel, Wade, Callie and Amy for a great weekend. It was sure nice to see all of you!

Friday, March 09, 2007

An Afternoon in the Park!

This picture is just thrown in because Fischer loves to help me re-re-re-arrange my cupboards about 3 times daily!

Amelia and Fischer's first time on the swings.

Candy, Amelia and Fischer enjoying a picnic lunch in the park. On Wednesday, I headed to Laramie for a baby appt., and then met Candy at her house. We took a subway lunch, and headed to the park because it was such a lovely day. It was so fun to let the kids enjoy the sunshine and play on the swings. Amelia seemed to like the swings a little better than Fischer...I guess I will just have to keep taking him so he becomes more accustomed to it. We want to take the kids to this park in the summer because there is a cute little kiddie pool too.

Fischer did great at the baby appt., and was quite shocked when he heard the baby's heartbeat coming out of mommy's tummy. All of the nurses loved holding him, and helping me with him during my appt. They even gave him a toy!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Painting and Fischer's first steps with help!

Fischer took his first steps with help! He used to be scared when his helper would move, but now he will move with it. Sometimes it looks like he is doing aerobics because he will just sit there and lift his leg up and down.

The utility bathroom all painted with trim. Today Chris put all of the trim up, and I helped him paint the baseboards.

Our utility sink is in and running. It is so nice to have running water in the house.

The stairs are almost done!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Aspen Leaves...

Chris has been working all week on the dry wall in the utility bathroom. I have always loved aspen trees/leaves. We were married under apsen trees, and so I wanted to carry that theme into our new house. So we bought an aspen leaf stencil and Chris used dry wall mud to go over it! If you enlarge the picture you can see the aspen leaves on the wall. Then we will paint over the leaves. I chose one light green color of paint and one dark green color of paint. We are going to use the leaves in our master bathroom as well. I think I might use different colors though...I'm not sure yet! I am pretty EXCITED that we are getting to this point in the house!!!

Clark working on the main level stairs that go to the loft. We are going to stain the log the same color as the rest of the house! He is doing a great job!!!

Fischer working on using his knees! He is getting better, but still prefers to stand or use his tummy to creep along.

Fischer just being his funny self after our exercises this morning!