Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Peter Rabbit and Cottontail welding???

Fischer loves to read about Peter Rabbit. The other day he informed me that he was Peter Rabbit and Hazy was Cottontail. We read the story about Benjamin Bunny getting a spanking from Old Mr. Benjamin Bunny because he went into Mr. McGregor's garden. This has been a good tool for Mommy...I inform him that I will have to spank him if he doesn't listen like Benjamin Bunny, and he shapes up right away.
We have also been reading Busy Busy Town by Richard Scarry. He loves that book, and yesterday he spotted a welder wearing a hat. So now he has to wear his helmet everywhere while he is welding.
These are a few memories I want to be sure to scrapbook!

Peter Rabbit and Cottontail going to see Daddy.

Fischer the welder...

Ed and Brenda have to leave soon, and we will miss them so.

The other day Ed and Brenda and George and Susie took the boys for a drive. Ed and Brenda bought them McDonald's, and Ed held Hazy's hand all the way to town and back. Such a precious memory, and one I don't want to forget.

George was quite excited to show the boys the toy he bought at Sam's (actually G'ma bought it but George was excited to show it to the boys :))! It was Curious George and his book!!! Hazy liked the tag better than the monkey.