Friday, January 29, 2010

For Daddy...

Here are the orange walls...

We had tortillas and cheese last night for dinner.

A York Peppermint Candy for dessert...

A bubble bath...

And then bed. We sure miss you!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Rancher's Wife's Photography...


Forever In Blue Jeans

Guess What??? I have orange paint on the walls! I will post a picture of the room once I paint it one more time.

Here I am trying to pick up drywall goop. YUCK!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The boys riding in the snowblower with G'ma Wendy...


Another take on Hazy J's harmonica playing...
I have now learned how to use actions in PSE7. Yippeeee!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Textured photographs & one more LO

I want to Remember this about my Fischer Lee at the age of 4!

I love this picture of my husband with his cow dogs. I miss him so much right now! He is away at class learning how to make our ranch more profitable. He went to it last year. I am so proud of him, and know he will bring lots of new information back to improve our ranch.

such concentration...

words can't describe how much I love this picture of my Hazy J...

More Hidden Inspiration...

The ashes and "stuff" from the wood I have been hauling in lately for the fire. I swept it into a pile, and then noticed that it was just a lovely arrangment.
Hope you enjoy! from The Rancher's Wife's Photography...

Week 4:"Texture" Photo Challenge

Shana Rae is the guest judge this week. I decided to submit a picture of my oldest son Fischer Lee. Hope you enjoy!

Painting in Carhartts & Spell Check

This is the next step in the process...

Can't wait to see it on the walls!

Today I primed (okay a little paranoid after the spell check incident...I'm not sure if this is right?) the bedroom downstairs while the boys slept. I had to find something to wear that I didn't mind smearing paint all over. I dug these out of our closet. Unfortunately, they were not made for someone who is 30 weeks pregnant. I was glad no one was around to watch as I tried to roll paint on the ceiling while trying to keep my briches up.

PS: Those black hair clips are the only ones left in my house that have not had a least one of the little prongs broken off. The boys love to play with my hair clips. I go through them like grant took richmond. Fischer is always asking me if he can use my "hair clips to play crane!"

If you look closely I spelled Clos(e)ly wrong. I could not take it back once I had sent it. Photoshop does not spell check, and now I've started to try to be more careful and put everything on a word document before I add it to photoshop.
Oops! ;)
My mom called me the morning after and asked if I had spelled it wrong. At first I played with a few options... well actually I was just trying to be clever and spelled it wrong purposely because I wanted everyone to look closer (HA! come on Kate like your mother is going to believe that anyway), but then I had to admit it to her and myself.
Ummmm no I just spelled it wrong!
So I am starting to really appreciate Spell Check. It seems the longer I am out of college the more I need it.
Next time I will not be so impulsive & I will take the time to spell check my LO. Also I will not let my 2 year old sit on my lap while I am trying to submit something. He has this habit of reaching for everything I have on my desk whether it be paper, pens or our phone wall hanger (I'm not sure what to call it) that I don't know what to do with because we don't plan to hang our phone on the wall.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Finding hidden inspiration...

Hidden under all of the drywall dust I found inspiration. When we first poured the cement for our basement the leaves from nearby trees blew in and left leaf impressions on our cement floor. We are now finishing our last room in the basement and will soon cover all of the leaf imprints with carpet.

I found inspiration in this messy room. It just goes to show you that inspiration can be found anywhere...we just have to pay attention.

PS If you need a sturdy bag to put trash in/drywall scraps dog food bags work great. They do not fall apart like most trash bags.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

40/52 Yesterday & Today

Forever In Blue Jeans

Don't you just love my Dad's shorts!
This is a 2 page LO I just finished. I started it awhile ago. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cold Piggies

This is my LO for the Sketches Ebook by Donna Jannuzzi.

Digital Products used: AASPN_ArtPlayPalette4_Stiching
Background grey paper mfen-April09songbird-solid-1
Title font Marcelle, journaling font Garamond


I made this 2 page LO awhile ago, and just finished it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher

G'ma Wendy called this morning. They decided to read one of the special "white books" that I keep up high on my bookcase.
Hazy was busy dripping yogurt all over his stomach & his chair.

Another Creative Mama contest & this time I won!

Head over to and check out my scrapbook page! I won a few prizes from Log Your Memory!

I didn't end up winning last night. Angie wrote that over 3000 people voted. Carrie Hartman won. Her picture was the top one. I loved the texture of the brick wall behind her, and if you look closely it is a polaroid.

Thanks to all who voted for me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A lovely post from Our Tiny Dot...

Amy over at Our Tiny Dot on the Planet has written a lovely post. My thoughts have been with all in Haiti lately. When I think of little babies not having formula it just makes my heart ache. Read Amy's post because it is a good one!

One of the top five finalists...

I entered a photo contest to win a spot in a workshop given by marta locklear. I have been chosen as one of the top five finalists. Now people are allowed to vote on their favorite entry until 10PM tonight.
Head over to and scroll down until you see my picture along with 4 others for the Marta Locklear workshop.
Place your vote on which one you like best!


a picture is just RIGHT! Just lovely...Just special.