Monday, December 31, 2007

Who said girls can't play with trucks?

In the following two pictures, G'ma Susie is walking to the house from the tractor. G'pa George informed her that she was to help push the cat from behind because Chris's tractor and Gerry's road grader could not move the cat far enough to make it run. Luckily for the boys, G'ma Susie's tractor pushing was able to make the cat run!

The scene outside this morning...
Chris is in the front tractor, Gerry is in the road grader, G'pa George is in the cat, and G'ma Susie is in the tractor in the back.

The scene inside this morning...
Fischer was busy putting all of the trucks on the table, and little Hazen was sleeping.

Do you notice the backhoe loader on Fischer's pajamas? These are his favorite pajamas. Yesterday he requested to wear them all day!

Fischer showing Hazen how to run a backhoe loader.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Boys will be Boys

Well, we are snowed in again!
I am trying to find a bright side to being snowed in:
~it leaves me lots of time to blog
~our little family is safe and warm
~ lots of snow now, means lots of hay this summer...:)

The following pictures are of my boys and G'pa George playing with trucks, semi-trucks and backhoe loaders. G'pa George even snuck some M&M's, and helped Fischer load then onto his dump truck. The M&M load did not last long. Fischer Lee made sure they were promptly unloaded and eaten!

Even big boys can play with trucks...

Hazen's first horse ride.

Who do you suppose is having more fun with Hazen's toy?

Hazen rolled for the first time yesterday!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

This is what we do when we are snowed in...

Hazen has really started to show more interest in his toys. Today he enjoyed playing with all of the toys Mommy set up for him!

Hazen has found his tongue! He loves to stick it out whenever he has a chance. :)

The other day Chris broke an icicle off the house.
Fischer thought it was pretty neat!

Hooray for G'ma's walker. Hazen thinks it is pretty neat.

Daddy's birthday balloons are still lots of fun to play with...

Whatever Buddy does, Fischer Lee has to do...

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Tractor Ride for Christmas...

A Tractor Ride for Christmas!

G'pa George had to pick the kids and I up for lunch today in the tractor. Fischer was so excited to ride in the tractor.
It was Hazen's first trip in the tractor with G'pa. :)
Thanks Susie for the pictures.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy 31st Birthday Chris, we love you!

G'pa, G'ma and Gerry were our special guests for Chris's birthday party!

Hazen is quite excited to be sitting on G'pa's lap.

We slowed cooked a prime rib for lunch.
Thanks Mom for the sweet potatoe recipe, it was delicious!!!
I used the place mats that Morg and Michelle sent for the boys....hope you can see them in the picture guys.

The birthday boy cutting the prime rib. What a GREAT picture!

Fischer helped me bake Dad's cake yesterday!

Partied Out!

We went for a drive this afternoon. Hazen is all bundled up in his snowsuit, and loving his thumb. It is hard to see in this picture, but Hazen's outfit says, "Daddy and Me." I thought it was fitting for Chris's special day.

Friday, December 21, 2007

What a big boy!

Today, we headed to a nearby town for Hazen's four month check up. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the doctor's office all of the power in the area went out. I will never forget how surprised Fischer was when all of the sudden the doctor's office went dark. He kept saying, "dark, dark." This was after we had to pull him kicking and screaming into the office because he thought he had to get a shot! Luckily for Hazen, he didn't have to get four shots. I asked our nurse practitioner if she could weigh him before we left.
Hazen James weighs 16 pounds 6 ounces at 4 months!!!
Hazen has plenty of practice with tummy time and neck control because Fischer feels that it is his job to "roll" buddy every time he is laying on his back. :)

Fischer helped Grandma make "bread" last night. Do you see the flour on his forehead?
Also one of his favorite things to do at G'ma's house is to make "bubbles." He always runs to push a chair to the sink, and then "helps" G'ma wash dishes. The front of his t-shirt is soaked from making "bubbles" with G'ma. :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Special company, Special visits, and my Special boys...

I cannot explain in words how much I love this picture...
It captures the tenderness of both my boys! :)

Happy Hazen has such blue eyes!

I bought some pinecones at the store the other day to put in a basket, you know to decorate the house....and guess who found them and decided to use them for his backhoe loader?!? :)

Fischer's "idle-ba"

Fischer loves his "house, " and puts all of his favorite toys inside.
Yesterday, Fischer was busy feeding "hay" to the cows, and the wood block was his hay. It is so much fun when they start to pretend.

Fischer found this straw under my cupboards, and decided it was the best toy! He loves to blow in it, and make lots of noise.

John came to stay with us for a night.
It was great to see him again...

On Sunday, we headed out to have dinner with Mark and Jen. It was wonderful to see my "oldest and dearest" friend again! :)
Fischer agrees...

Damon, Tessa, Deuce and Dante came over after meeting on Sunday. Emily came too. Fischer loves to play with Deuce and Dante. We hope to have dinner with them this Friday.

Owey and Kristy had us over for dinner last Thursday. They have five puppies.
Fischer loved them! He was so excited to see Owey and Kristy too. He calls Owey daily to tell him that we need "dirt."

Fischer wanted to help Dad blow snow today.