Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fischer and Hazen's new room...

They both have their own beds, and they are both sleeping in them!!!

Don't you just love Hazen's outfit?!? He is wearing his dinosaur footie pajamas, his brothers shoes, he is holding on to a shirt he stole from the laundry to snuggle and is crunching goldfish all over my tile floor! I think he is the epitome of a 19 month old!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Forever In Blue Jeans

We went horn hunting on Saturday. It is hard to believe that is was this beautiful on Saturday. We are now living in a Winter Wonderland!
We made the most of the gorgeous day by cooking hamburgers on the grill, eating yummy chocolate scotcharoos, and hiking all around trying to find horns. I never did find one, but the time spent with family and friends was good enough for me.
I did find a really cool rock! ha ha ha
I even have it sitting on my deck now. So if anyone wants to find cool rocks just ask me to be your guide. :)

Cute, Cute, Cute

My Boys think these are great!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My boys and baby birds

I have lots to record so I don't forget it! I am going to take another digital scrapbooking class in April, and I don't want to forget to make some pages about what is going on right now in our lives.
Fischer has a new imaginary friend named MicMcToos. They do just about everything together, and are pretty inseparable these days. I am just waiting for the day when MicMcToos gets blamed for something that Fish did. :)

I have a picture of East Fork with lovely fall colors (it is where Chris and I were married) sitting above our toilet in my fall bathroom. So Fish is sitting on the pot and says "Mom, is that a picture of where you were married?" And then he asked me if he was "in my eye when that picture was taken. " He then asked if "Hazy and him were playing in my eye when that picture was taken?"
I had to laugh because I always tell him that "he was a twinkle in my eye" when he asks where is he is in pictures that were taken before he was born.

Oh and I bet you didn't know that carpet pieces were baby birds?!? Well, Fish is busy holding a bundle of "baby birds" in this picture.

I love their expressions in these pictures.
We enjoyed the lovely weather last week. And now we have snow, snow, snow.
It is another reason to be thankful for a carpeted basement. We have lots of room to run and to find lots of "baby birds" everywhere. It seems I cannot vaccuum them all up, and that is just great in my kids eyes. :)

365 Days of One Mountain

Here are some of the pictures in March that I have taken...

And today...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our basement has carpet!

I had to bring a few decorations down just to try them out!
I cannot wait to start to decorate and put our lights up. Hip Hip Hooray.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Forever In Blue Jeans

I am going to group my pictures by the week. So I might have more than one picture, but as long as it falls in my week I will post it. I hope this is okay with everyone else!?!

An extremely flattering picture of me in my work coat and boots! ha ha ha
I am not pregnant (this coat is two sizes too big!)
My boots were pulled on in a rush to get my children outside. Sometimes playing outside saves my kids from fighting, and saves me from having to punish them!

Chris took this picture of Hazy and I on Sunday. He was trying to put his sucker stick in my mouth. :)

And here I am in all my glory painting last week!

March is Marching on...

The sunset tonight!

The boys helped me throw some sticks into our burn pile.

The boys decided to make a train again. :)

Tents are wonderful.

The boys running with their pull toys!

Can you see the geese outside the window? The boys were honking like geese while I took this picture.

Aunt Emily and the boys helped me clean the basement up.
By tomorrow we will have our carpet done!

Looking for elk with Daddy...

Helping Mom in the yard...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Brothers, A New Motorcycle, and Auctioneering

The boys took all of the toys that I stashed in my closest (so I would not have to pick them up anymore) and dumped them all over the livingroom. Oh well, I was able to have 5 minutes peace with all of the "new" toys to play with. :)


The boys were pretending to be bulls, and Daddy was letting them through the gate.

Fischer auctioneering...

Fischer's new wheels!!! This was his prize for potty training.

The boys snuggling in front of the warm fire. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Forever In Blue Jeans

I'm riding a train with the boys! Fischer told me that he wanted me to be the engineer. We were busy waving at all of the people watching us chug chug along when Chris took our picture. The boys take all my kitchen chairs at least twice a day and make a train just like Thomas. :) Please do not be alarmed by all the white stuff all over my arms and face. I have been busy putting primer up in my basement....
We are getting carpet on Monday!!!! I have been so busy painting/cleaning up that my blog is suffering. I will catch up, and put up lots of pictures of our newly carpeted basement next week.

Thursday, March 05, 2009


Forever In Blue Jeans

Thanks to G'ma Joan I have some pictures of me this week at our auction. The cows sold great, and after wrestling an 18 month old and three year old I managed to still enjoy the sale as well. :) PS Wearing high heels on the catwalk to look at all of the cows is not suggested EVER! Luckily, my heels were not too high and I managed to walk on my tippy toes to keep my heel from poking through!