Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy Chris!

Chris is one year older! We had a simple and relaxing day yesterday. The boys helped Mom bake his cake, and I made Chris's favorite meal homemade turkey soup. G'pa and G'ma came over for supper to help us celebrate.

The boys and G'pa looking at Mom's scrapbook after dinner.

I came upstairs to find this!

Our little bird enjoying some of Dad's birthday cake. He would yell "DA DA" after he swallowed each bite. I think he LIKES chocolate cake. :)

Fischer was so excited to help Dad blow out his candles. He kept mentioning it throughout dinner, and would hardly finish supper because he was so excited to blow the candles out. As I was bringing the cake over with ALL of the lit candles Fischer blew before Daddy was ready. Hence the reason why some of the candles are already blown out in this picture. Then Fischer and Daddy counted to three and blew the rest of the candles out together!

Daddy brought one of the little puppies over for the boys to see. Hazen thought he should give it a kiss.

The rewards of helping Mom make chocolate cake!!!

Fischer woke up bright and early to sing Daddy "Happy Birthday". And then we blew up some balloons, and those were great fun to pop, throw and lay on for Fish and Hazy!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh brother...

Oh brother...!!!

Okay this picture is just plain sweet! Hazen was leaning in to give big brother a kiss. Hazen has a funny way of kissing. He just leans in and keeps his mouth open. Usually his kisses are very slobbery but very sweet!!!! :)

Fischer is almost three, and he spied his Thomas card the other day that I bought him for his birthday. So I gave it to him early....he loves it and just carries it everywhere with him.

Fischer giving Hazen a hug!!!

My flowers are so wonderful especially with the weather we are having right now. It is blowing like crazy, and we are having ground blizzards!!!

The view this morning before the blizzard BLEW in...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hooray my internet is working again!

Fischer helping Mom make Banana bread! He HAD to help lick off the spoon. :)

My flowers bloomed!!!

Hazen, my constant companion, helping Mom organize her cupboards....or should I say un--organize my cupboards.

Tis the season...

The boys enjoying some "wringles" chips!

Fischer brought this book Are You My Mother? to me and said, "Mom, this is a beautiful book."

Hazen playing in the snow.

Hazen's joyous smile!!!

Helping Mom clean up...

My flowers before they bloomed. It was amazing to watch the growth...

Fischer looking at dinosaurs.

Fischer has named his lion Daniel. He was biting Devon with his lion in this picture!

Fischer showing me his Mater and McQueen cars while riding Daniel his lion. :)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

All dressed up from meeting...

Hazen is almost 16 months!!!

Reading the funny papers...

Fischer's "favorite" ice cream!

Friday, December 05, 2008

Hope you are having a warm and cheery day!

My winter decorations outside on our deck.
You will have to bear with me today! I have not been able to do this blogging thing in the comfort of my own home for about six months, and even then it was hit or miss. :) I promise this is the last post today!

The view from our house today...

These are my winter decorations on our mantle above our fireplace.

Scrapbook pages and my GREEN desk!

I painted this old WalMart desk a bright cheery green this past fall. I love it, and now I use it to store some of my scrapbooking stuff. :)

Sorry about the quality of the pictures but I only have my Sony Handycam to take pictures right now. Some of the layouts are two pages, but I just took single page pictures.