Monday, September 24, 2007

Dad shot a "Buck Idle Ba" with his bow!

Fischer has started to call deer, elk and antelope Idle Ba! He was sure impressed with Dad's elk.

Fischer, Amelia, and Hazen...

Fischer and Amelia loved the apples that Ed and Brenda brought.

Where are your pants young man?

Friday, September 21, 2007

Everyday life...

Fischer decided that he better do "tummy time" with Hazen.

Fischer is enjoying fresh pears that Bruce, Chantry and Cleve brought us. I have had to store the box up HIGH because he tries to take a pear every time he passes the box.
Ed and Brenda have also brought yummy apples. Every time he passes the bag of apples at G'pa and G'ma's he decides to take one. We have found tiny bites in several apples...

G'pa George and Fischer discing (sp?) our "someday" yard. :)

Fischer taking a "WALK" with Brenda. He has started saying this to me several times a day. He loves to take walks! Fischer can now say, "ROCK, DIRT, BUCK IDLE BA (antelope), and ENDA for Brenda"

Brenda enjoying special time with Hazen.

Yesterday evening Chris and Fischer decided to plant some trees around our house.
Can you guess what kind of tree this is? HINT: I love this kind of tree!!!

Hazen James...

Hazen had a weight check today. He weighs 11 pounds, and will be 1 month tomorrow. :) He is growing so quickly, and you can see from the pictures that his cheeks just keep getting chubbier.
He is a grunter, and prefers to lay on his tummy. So far he doesn't mind tummy time too much.
Sleeping, eating, and diapers are about all we do these days...hee hee
We are sure enjoying our little boy, and hope you all can meet him soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fischer Lee...

Things to remember:
Fischer now says:
"ruff ruff"
"broom broom" whenever he hears the tractor
"idle ba" for antelope
"NO" this he says a lot! :)
He has 8 teeth now (4 on top, 4 on bottom)
He knows how to play the music on his brother's swing, and he knows that if he pushes the right button that the swing will go really fast! I have to watch him so that his brother doesn't go too fast in his swing. :)
He is a wonderful big brother, and keeps his mother really busy.

Fall Days...

Fischer and Hazen

Fischer admiring the quilt that Aunt Kathy made for Hazen. He kept saying"What's that?" to every picture on the quilt. He especially loved the picture of the airplane.

Hazen James sleeping peacefully...

The littlest cowboy...

Fischer enjoying the ladder...(it was laying on the ground luckily :))

A barbecue to end the lovely fall day...

Fischer's make shift sand box (it is the box that held G'pa George's caribou head) ! It helps to contain Fischer, which is quite a job these days!

I am having lots of fun decorating my house for the fall season. I just love the fall. We even made a fire the other day. But it about cooked us out of the house. I think we will wait awhile before we do it again. :)

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Life with baby Hazen...


Fischer loves to give Hazen kisses and pats...

Dad and Fischer going fishing...

Fischer squats in the middle of the trail when he is tired of walking. He walked down the entire path of Aspen Alley, and only needed to squat once.

Aspen Alley is sure beautiful...

Hazen James...

G'ma Terry and Fischer went for walks everyday. Fischer loved exploring with G'ma! We sure loved having her, and hope she can come back soon.

Baby Hazen sunning himself...

Heading home...

We stopped to let Fischer explore the day before Hazen was born.