Monday, June 30, 2008

We are sure enjoying SUMMER!

Chris and Hazen enjoying our deck!

Hazen is pulling up and pushing anything that will go...

I am sure enjoying flowers, green grass and trees this summer. I am trying to make the most of every day.

Fischer hammering a nail like his Daddy.

Notice the tent in the background of this picture...

Fischer "helping Daddy" with the deck.

I found Fischer busy drawing "roads" on my window with his toothbrush the other day! Yikes now everyone knows why my windows are not CLEAN. :)

Our washer died this past week. Fischer had to help G'pa George try to fix it! Unfortunately, we couldn't fix it and had to take it to town. :(

The kids played with Rowdy and Riley last week for an afternoon while Bo finished our fence. Riley and Hazen are so close in age, and had a great time crawling all over the house. Rowdy and Fischer played out in the yard spraying everything and anything with Mom's gardenhose.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Special Memories with family and friends...

"Thanks for coming G'ma Wendy!" This is what Fischer would say randomly throughout the day while G'ma Wendy, Omily (Emily), Ashley, and James were here. Here is a picture G'ma Wendy to remind you of your time at the park with Fischer. He is still telling me about how he "went on the slides with G'ma Wendy."

Jace and Fischer enjoying a day at the park together. We even had some yummy ice cream too.

We went on our first picnic of the year yesterday up where Chris and I were married. It is always special to go back, and I loved this picture of the aspen trees.

Rory and Fischer enjoying some quality time together.

Hazen enjoying his first smore ever with aunt Emily!

Hazen met G'pa Bill for the first time ever yesterday.

Fischer "helping" G'ma Wendy. His new phrase is "I want to help you."

Hazen enjoying some time with aunt Emily. Fischer and Hazen just adored aunt Emily, and we hope she comes back soon.

Fischer helping G'ma Wendy garden. G'ma Wendy help me buy and plant some peonies and rosemary. I am SO excited about that.

G'ma Wendy reading to the boys....

I picked my flowers up from a local greenhouse on Monday with Mom and Emily. It was a special trip, and I love my flower baskets.

Rory, Jace and Fischer enjoying grilled hamburgers outside.

Fischer helping us grill hamburgers for lunch after the branding on Wednesday.

James helping with our clean up branding.

Fischer all cowboy'd up...

Fischer taking a walk with G'ma Wendy and Emily. Isn't the sunset beautiful? We have been enjoying lots of pretty sunsets lately.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hazen crawling...

"I want to go outside"

Special Company...

We loved seeing Morg, Monte and Brent yesterday....even if Fischer was sick, sick, sick! We just made the best of it, and he seems to be doing fine today. I never can tell if its his teeth or a flu bug. I just made everyone wash their hands, and we used lots of hand sanitizer. :) The guys were even able to go fishing, and Morg caught the biggest fish!

The guys had to check Chris's tack out in our back porch. :)

As you can tell Monte was not impressed with all of my picture taking....ha ha ha

This picture needs explanation. I sent my camera with Chris with specific instructions to take pictures of their fishing excursion. This is the ONLY picture he took!!!!! :)

We loved seeing everyone, and hope we can see them again soon.

I had to throw this picture in here. Fischer thought he should join Hazen in his playpen.
It was actually a great distraction.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Special Memories...

Fischer and Hazen loved listening to G'pa Milt play the organ.

Daddy and Hazen eating lollipops together. :)

We loved going to Jeff and Lisa's branding!

Hazen enjoying Ivey, Sadie, and Amy's company! It was wonderful to see lots of family and friends at Dave and Karen's reception.

Fischer playing in the DIRT with Ivey.

Michelle holding baby Hazy. It was so great to see her.

Fischer playing in the dirt again with Wade, Landin and Clayton.