Thursday, January 31, 2008

For George and Sue...

There is no need to worry! Although the conditions have been terrible, all of the cows have full bellies, and all of the guys are fine. They are working on the snow blower right now with Owen and his hired hand. Hope you are having a great time, and no need to worry about us. Chris, Gerry and Clayton are doing a great job! :)

A peek into our everyday life...

Thursday afternoon...

Can you see the telephone poll in the background? The drifts on our county road are about half as tall as the telephone poll. It is crazy how much it has drifted.

The county guy in his payloader calling it a day!

This is the road leading to the heifers...
The county guy did not make it very far!

We were able to go to town! :) We went to stock up on groceries, buy some dog food, pick up the mail, buy some parts, and out to lunch. Chris even bought me a magazine with a bird on the cover so I would have something to read for the next few days. He said he thought it would remind me of spring. :) We have high wind warnings until 11PM tonight. On our way home we took some pictures of the drifts, and of the county guy running the payloader! Hope you enjoy, and hope you are all staying warm.

I was excited because I got a new pottery barn magazine!!! I know what I will doing tonight sitting next to the fire!

Thursday morning...

If you think Fischer looks funny all bundled up, you should have seen his mom.

Hazy J all wrapped up in a blanket!

The drifts by our gate are at least 5 feet deep.

The "pretty sunrise" today that Fischer wanted me to take a picture of...

Chris's new "horse"

Chris had to use the snowmobile on Wednesday to move the heifers because the road leading to the heifers had gotten so bad. The guys had to use the cat Monday and Tuesday to break tracks for the tractor. The county guy tried for an hour yesterday with his payloader to open it, so that Gerry could drive his tractor down to lead the heifers towards the cows, but then gave up because it was so bad! Luckily, Chris was able to use the snowmobile to move the heifers far enough that then Gerry could lead them the rest of the way to the cows.

Another windy day...

This video was taken Tuesday (January 29).

And now everybody knows why we are hermits! :) It is not by choice, believe me!!! We would have loved to have Aaron, Candy and Mia out on Sunday but it was too terrible. And we would have loved to go to Dante's birthday on Saturday. I just cannot leave my house. Okay Okay maybe I have cabin fever a bit! :)

There are some good things to being snowed in:

I have organized and reorganized my house.

My boys get undivided attention because we don't have internet at the house right now either. They sure enjoy all of the mommy attention.

And I get lots of laundry and dishes done!!! I have to do something. Oh and Fish and I finished all of our thank yous for his birthday. Hopefully I can get to the post office soon to send them.

After a long cold day, some playtime with the boys...

Stuck in the snow again...

This is what it looked like Monday morning after I got the boys out of the bath. Chris called me then to say he couldn't see anything, and would just have to wait it out in the tractor. Chris told me later that when the storm finally broke he was hundreds of yards away from where he thought he was...

A picture a couple of hours later on Monday morning...
It is crazy because there is blue sky, but just a terrible ground blizzard. We only have had snow on Monday (January 28) and Wednesday (January 30), but the wind just keeps blowing.
And when the wind blows it means terrible ground blizzards and huge drifts!

This is a picture of our big window looking out of the house on Monday evening.
The snow swirled so much that it covered all of our windows!

It was such a brutal storm on Monday, that we had snow come in the some the corners of the house.
Luckily, the house is pretty tight so the guys were able to contain the few spots that did let snow in with insulation.

Chris filling the corner with insulation...

Chris's tractor was stuck Saturday (January 26) because the wind blew so hard Friday evening that the drifts were impassable for the tractor. Luckily, the old cat fired up and they were able to pull the tractor out. Chris has had to use the cat every day since Saturday. They would have been unable to feed the cows without it! Gerry got stuck Monday and had to walk home. Then Chris and Clayton went and pulled him out Monday afternoon.

This was the scene outside of our house on Monday (January 28) evening! The wind started blowing on Friday (January 25) and has not stopped since, except for a short lull on Sunday afternoon. That was the last time I was able to leave my house until today! And even then, we had to walk out to the county road because the road to our house is impassable.

My best friend Jen called me during this terrible storm to inform me that she was stuck at Walcott with about 30 other cars waiting for the county to open the highway. You can imagine I was very scared and worried. She was able to make it home, but it took her six and a half hours to make it home. It usually takes her about an hour and a half!

Some precious sayings...

Fischer randomly said, "love you Mommy, love you Daddy, love you baby Hazy" the other day while we were driving in the truck.
He now wishes us "sweet dreams" before we go to bed!
A few mornings ago he told me to "take a picture of the pretty sunrise."
Fischer gets "stuck in the snow" all the time with his trucks. I wonder where he gets that idea from...:)
Last night he told "Clayt" (Clayton our hired hand) "bye bye see ya love you."
A few days ago, I found him loading his baler full of goldfish to feed his cows upstairs. He then informed me that he was feeding "hay goldfish to the cows in the tractor."

Hazy J at five months...

On January 22 the boys each had a doctor's appointment. We were a month late for Hazen's four month shots because we kept getting snowed in. So at five months, Hazen received four shots and also had to take the oral rotovirus. He didn't cry at all!
Our nurse practitioner Marcie said that had never happened in all of her years of working with kids. Chris held him while I took Fish out of the room. Chris just kept making faces at him, and he would grimace when she poked him, and then would keep trying to smile at Daddy. This just goes to show Hazy J's temperment. He is so easy going and happy. He weighed 17 pounds 7 ounces, and is doing great!!!
Fischer Lee also had a two year check up. He now weighs 29 and a 1/2 pounds. He is in the 80th percentile for two year olds. This is great considering his slow start. Marcie kept saying that he was so stocky! He doesn't look like a preemie anymore. :)

Hazy J trying hard to sit up!

Hazen has started to try and grab everything. He grabbed Fischer's dump truck, and proceeded to stick it over his face!

He loves his exersaucer.

Living with a two year old...

I randomly found a grapefruit at the top of the steps when I went to check on Fish the other day. And then I took this picture of him putting the bucket over his head! Oh the things they come up with...

Fischer has been busy "cookin" for Daddy lately. He puts rotel cans and diet sunkist popcans in my roaster oven, and cooks them for lunch. Then he takes them out of the oven, and sets them on the table.

Fischer loves to "read" all of my magazines.

Fish's parking garage for his "Owey" dump truck, tractors, trucks, and backhoe loader.

This is normally what my livingroom looks like until I find the time to clean it! :)

Do you see the "animal cookies" next to my laundry detergent. This is our latest bribe to make Fish poop in the pot! :)

While I was cooking lasagna for the guys this is what Fischer was busy doing!
He put all of my remaining diet sunkist popcans, and the last rotel can into my strainer. What a helper!!!

Fischer needed to blow his nose, and this is what I found when I came in the bathroom later!

Fischer was quite thristy after "cookin," so he pretended to take a big drink of Mom's soda.

Just busy "cookin, " and lining all of the rotel cans up to put in the roaster oven.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Special Company...

I just love this picture of Fischer, Brooklyn and Hazen. Please ignore the big bruise on Fish's forehead...
I think he falls daily! He seems to heal up from one injury, and then the very next day he falls and usually gets a bruise!!! ugh

Brooklyn and Fischer had to wear their carharts together.

Craig, Jocelyn and Brooklyn gave Fischer a fishing game for his birthday. I think Chris and Craig had more fun playing it than the little ones. :)

Hazen was fascinated by the pictures on the bottom of his toy.

Hazen snuggling with his favorite blanket.

I thought you would enjoy these pictures Mom! Fischer loves his tractor set.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Shooting coyotes and bunnies...

Fischer wanted me to put his gun in his pocket because he was going to shoot coyotes and bunnies.

All Bundled Up

A couple of days ago, the kids and I rode with Chris to check his traps. It was a beautiful morning for "getting the stink blown off" as Chris so lovingly puts it! :)

Fischer had to wear his carharts, since Daddy was wearing his to check traps.

Hazen in his winter hat. What a sweetie...

Hazen trying out G'ma's new jumparoo.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a great weekend!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes for Fischer. He had such a wonderful day, and it was great to hear from all of you! Thank you so very much. :)
And now for my most recent blog post...

Dad took Fischer for a short snowmobile ride today.

Then I was able to go for a ride with Chris. It was lots of fun, and I couldn't help but scream once in awhile when Chris was really making it run!

Fischer all dressed up to go snowmobiling.

Mr. Blue Eyes with G'pa.

We sure enjoyed having Scott, Renee and Chet come and stay with us. Fischer and Chet had so much fun together. We hope they can come back soon!

Baby Burris came to visit us on Saturday night. He sure is a cutie!