Friday, November 30, 2007

Busy Days and lots of precious memories...

Lately, I have been trying to capture the precious memories that seem to fly by...
I have taken several videos of the boys just doing what they do every day. We have a routine, and I think years from now that routine will be dear to me.

Daddy is building a deck and shed roof...

Fischer Lee has gone seven times on the pot! I think I will stop counting now, but it sure is exciting when they finally decide to use the pot. (That is not to say that he hasn't had any accidents, but that is why they call it potty TRAINING right? :) )

Hazen James has decided he likes his thumb! I am trying to switch him to a pacifier, but as you can see it hasn't happened yet.
A list of names that we also call Hazen: (I want to remember these years from now, and so far this is my only baby book for little Hazen!)
Precious Bean
Buddy Beaver
He is so chubby and happy! I think he weighs 15 pounds, and he is only 3 months! What a chubby guy. :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Today I caught Hazen sucking his thumb! I was so happy that my camera was close by...
His fingers are so tiny!

I also caught Fischer sliding down the stairs with my new bedspread. I plan to take a nicer picture of it laying on my bed, but this picture just made me laugh.
It goes to show you how much a little boy cares about a bedspread!!! ha ha ha

Monday, November 19, 2007

What a lucky little boy...

This past week Fischer was able to ride in a tractor, a dump truck, and a backhoe. Every night before he goes to bed he says, "truck, beep beep," "truck, Owey," "tractor, Bompa," "tractor, Daddy," "backhoe, Daddy."
He loved watching Owey dump the gravel out of the dump truck. I loved it because it meant our drive way will no longer be so muddy! Thank you Owen...
Then Fischer was able to ride with Daddy to spread the gravel around.
He also rode with Grandpa and Daddy in the tractor to feed cows.
What a lucky little boy!

Fischer also loves to play outside with sticks and rocks. Today, Fish and I headed outside to visit Daddy while he was peeling logs.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lots to Blog...

Hazen smiling...

The big news in our house today is that Fischer Lee went poop in the pot! This may be weird to some, but for all of the parents that are in the stage of potty training or have potty trained it is big news. We had a celebration in the bathroom, and then Fischer was allowed to wear his big boy underwear.

Hazen took a shower with Daddy, and then fell asleep laying next to the warm fire.

Fischer loved seeing the Dinosaurs when we went to see Jerm, Amy, Rory and Jace. Fischer keeps saying, "Rory."

We sure appreciated Amy's double stroller when we took the kids to the mall in town.

The boys loved playing with the duck/geese decoys at Cabelas.

What a neat statue in front of Cabelas. When we drove into town, the first thing Chris noticed was the statue at Cabelas.

Hazen has such blue eyes!

Jace and Hazen getting to know one another.

Rory and Fischer visiting...

Do you notice the big scrape on his face? He fell the day before we went on our trip! Luckily, a hug and kiss from mom was all he needed.

Helping Dad close the gate...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just a little update...

All dressed up for meeting...

"Oh boy" is all I can say when I see how much Hazen and Fischer look alike. Fischer loves to say "oh boy" all of the time! He said it when he saw these pictures. :)