Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a Happy Guy!

"Hi Wheetie"

Fischerism's at 21 months...

Fischer is getting four molars right now so now he has 12 teeth. He loves to tell stories with Daddy and count. It is so cute to hear him have his "story" voice or "counting" voice. He loves to talk "baby talk" to Hazen as well. He has a developmental appointment on Thursday. It will be fun to see how he is doing...
Here are a list of Fischerism's:
"Happy Day"
"Broom Broom" for anything that has a motor
"minnow" for tomatoe
"ucky, mud"
"ucky" he points to cow pies, and tries to avoid them while he is walking!
"Hey baby"
"ucky" Yucky
"Chet" he talks to cousin Chet on his pretend phone quite a bit! :) (thought you would enjoy hearing about that Renee!) By the way I still have Chet's two play phones! I need to send them/bring them to you one of these days. :)
"O-gee" yogurt
"but" for button
"prity, but" he think buttons on sweaters and shirts are very "prity"
"HUH" he says this after about every question you ask him!!! (I wonder if mom and dad do this alot?)
"oh boy"
"oh wow"
"NOW" guess who he learned that from? ha ha ha
"na na" banana
"Bum Ba" Grandpa
"Enda" for Brenda
We pulled up to McDonald's the other day and Fischer says with lots of excitement, "ham-bur-ger"
"pees" for please
"What's that?"
"wee ya" for excuse me and thank you
"gock" for truck
"YAH" with a big head shake
"See ya"
"Bye" he says this everytime I hang the phone up!
"wheetie" (sweetie)
"Pee Pee, pot"
"Poop, pot" sorry nothing is off limits with a soon to be two year old! We are learning to use the "pot!"
"hungie" hungry, I hear this A LOT!!!
"an- i -mal" he says this very slowly and with lots of emphasis!
"prity, moon"
"cow, Daddy"
"idle ba"
"ishy, Daddy" meaning Daddy goes fishing
I know there are more words!
I need to write them down when he says them!
It is sure fun to listen to my little boy talk.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

This and That...

Hazen had his two month check up on Tuesday. He weighs 14 pounds 2 ounces! He has almost doubled his birth weight in two months. :) Needless to say, he is very healthy and happy.

Fischer's new "scowl" face. He looks pretty tough doesn't he?

These pictures are for all of you "warm weather" folks. We hope you can come and sit with us by our fire while it is snowing. That goes for all you "cold weather" folks too! :)

Fischer loves to play in the "no." The "s" is hard to say so most of the time it sounds like "no!"
Also Fischer loves to look at the "moon and stars." One of his favorite books is Goodnight Moon.
He always points to the cow jumping over the moon and says, "prity, moon." Then he points to the cows and says, "cow, Daddy." He knows Daddy works with cows. :)
I just don't want to forget how sweet it is to hear him say, "prity, moon."

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Busy Days on the ranch...

The boys were all bundled up for gospel meeting yesterday...

The scene yesterday morning...

The view yesterday morning...

All "cowboy'd up" to go with Daddy...

What a big boy...

I love this picture. Do you notice the leaves all along the floor of the trailor?

Daddy and Fish having a "coffee break!"

Hazen James

Susie put some pictures on her blog, but I thought I would include one too. It was sure a process to hang our chandelier, but it was worth it! :)

Monday, October 15, 2007

My boys...

Fischer's "buddy" is getting so BIG!

What a happy guy...

All dressed up...

Fischer kept saying "bowl" after he found this one to play in.

Hazen all dressed up! :)

Fischer enjoyed playing with one of the hunters "hat's."

Fischer enjoying the "Hi." He loves playing on hay! It is cute to hear him say, "Hi, Hi" over and over again whenever we pass any.

Building corrals...

If you notice the puffy clouds in the background it is because they are sure "prity." This is what Fischer said all day when we were out. He would point to the clouds and say, "prity." I would have to agree! Another cute saying that Fischer says now is "oh boy!" Whenever he is going to eat or sees something exciting he has to say "oh boy." He also says "oh my" and "oh wow." I heard this alot today about he clouds! :)

Daddy and Hazen enjoying a quick snuggle.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Fischer has started calling Hazen his "buddy." I remember worrying how Fischer would react to having a little brother.
All my worries were for nothing...
He always pats and kisses him. And he loves to take a bath with his "buddy." He even talks "baby talk" to him. I guess he watches mom and dad do that! It is pretty cute to watch him lean over, and start talking really high to baby Hazen. :)
And in other news, Fischer has figured out that binoculars are used to see "bucks." Today at G'ma's, he tried to peer through the binoculars and kept saying, "Daddy, buck." Do you think he will be hunting in a few years?!?
Hazen is a great baby! So far he is good natured, and is not fussy. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this does not change.

Fall Leaves and lots of WALKS!

Fischer wants to go on WALKS all of the time. Today I spelled walk to Chris, and Fischer was not to be fooled. He excitedly said, "Walk." I guess spelling words is out now. :)
He loves to say "buck" all of the time. I couldn't resist putting these pictures on! There is nothing like playing in the leaves when your little.

Hazen and Fischer look so much alike! Can you guess which one is which? They are both wearing the same outfit.