Thursday, May 06, 2010

52/52 Celebrate

I made it to 52 pictures. I thought it would only be fitting if I celebrated by posting about certain things I never knew about being a mother...
(also since Mother's Day is right around the corner)
Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day!

I never knew that I would have to consistently put my pillowcases back on my pillows throughout the day because my 4 & 2 year old love to take them off and then walk around inside of them.

I never knew how much simple lovely tulips could brighten my day.
It was snowing this morning, and my tulips outside are not close to blooming yet.

I never knew that alphabet cereal can become like cement pasted in your sink if you leave it sitting for awhile.

I never knew that I would come to prefer plastic plates, cups and bowls.

I never knew that I would allow a pretend snake in my house.
I never knew that a tape/CD player would be so wonderful.
I never knew that I would consistently head to the library every month to find books on tape and CD's.
I never knew that I would love listening to Hank the Cowdog of CD as much as my boys.

I never knew how much fun cantaloupe can be.

I never knew that a pillowcase could become pretend ice cream in a cup.

I never knew that broccoli would be such a treat.
I never knew that my boys would automatically think of it as trees (like I did as a kid.)

I never knew how wonderful my black Wal-Mart stools could be to a 4 & 2 year old.
They have to scoot them as close as possible to each other during dinner. They have to sit on the stools. They also use them to pretend they are riding in different kinds of machines (backhoe, tractor, skidster, etc...)

I never knew that my plant would be a perfect baby mobile.

I never knew that I would have 2 workout partners.

I never knew that McQueen shoes (on backwards) and crocodile crocs (on backwards) were the perfect workout shoes.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the T-shirt icecream...we could call it "vanilla shirtburt"
Hahahaha! I love the comments...helps me feel like I'm
there...and I still have cereal stuck to the bottom of the sink...teach em young to rinse their dish. Good Luck! xoxoxoLove, mom xoxoxoxoxoxo

Erin said...

It is a good thing we have kids to teach us all the things we would never know otherwise, isn't it? The tulip photo is gorgeous and the baby staring at the plant to too funny!

Jen said...

This is a wonderful post, Kate! I always enjoy your blog posts. Thanks for sharing your days with us!!! :o)

~KATE~ said...

Your blog is always so full of life.
Thanks for sharing!
I'm looking forward for more! ^^,


And, here is my Shoot. \(^^)/

Ben, Heather and kids said...

Hurray on making it 52 weeks! I'm always amazed at the things I've learned(am still learning) as a mother.

LOve the last post.. i have a pic of #1 pushing baby #4 in a big dump truck somewhere :)

The J's said...

YAY! Congratulations on the 52 weeks posts!! Your pictures are great, wow, what we would miss not having kids!!
I love your views.